Today was the day we’ve all been waiting for ever since we banded the brotherhood back together. We’ve all been working very hard for this moment just to try to get it to be perfect for everybody. Today was the day Resistance made history. We massed up with 54 of our greatest members for it’s first official  Weekend Trip.

We started the trip by running into Fatality + Rage for some quick action that didn’t last long.

Next we got word that BP + OG were fighting without giving us an invite, so we decided to quickly get our selves in there and start to clear it out.

we then ran into FI + SUP near fog and this led to both clans teleporting out shortly after we arrived.

Next up, we caught a gang going on at Fally, we quickly caught multiple clans in a single to multi leading to the gangbang ending prematurely.

Next up would be the fight we were finally waiting for to have the chance to actually prove our selves as a new clan.  Most of the other clans had decided to end their trips, BP reluctantly accepted a fight at FOG, the fight started at FOG that would eventually lead to CA, spreading across from CA to 18 ports Our fight would last a total of 30 minutes that would leave our Resistance on top, It was a good fight BP, TY for action!


Resistance Starting Ops – 42

Resistance Ending ops – 27

Blunt Purez Starting Ops – 44

Blunt Purez Ending Ops – 0



@McChoobly POV

@Ross POV


Kill Kiss Floor 2019-07-14_16-24-04.png